Joaquin Kiley

Adjunct Faculty
BFA, College for Creative Studies

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Professional Experience

In 1986, Joaquin Kiley started his professional design development through a ten year landscape architectural apprenticeship with the Office of Dan Kiley of Charlotte, VT. He learned the functional design process and modern theory under the stern tutelage of the late master landscape architect Daniel Urban Kiley. Joaquin led the model building department creating study and presentation models for internationally renowned public spaces such as MID in Kyoto, Japan and the Milwaukee Art Museum Expansion.

In 1994, Kiley set off to expand his design education. He built a liberal arts foundation through Landmark College in Putney, VT. enabling him to apply and gain acceptance to College for Creative Studies where he obtained his BFA in Transportation Design in 2004. Along the way Kiley became an estate groundsman, carpenter, painter and expedite truck driver with an A class CDL license. He was also a professional car driver and photography assistant to Aaron Kiley Photographer for Car & Driver in Ann Arbor, MI.

In 2005, Kiley started design consultancy work in Detroit, MI, engaging in a range of projects from a gas electric hybrid Future Taxi of New York City, design support for truck suspension engineering, conversion van design, display design, and interior design for office buildings.

Over the past eight years he served as Chief Designer at ALTe Technologies in Auburn Hills, MI, where he provided industrial design support and produced marketing materials through graphic design, display design, photography, videography and illustration.

Since 2005, Kiley shares his design passion teaching children and adults everything from graphic design, perspective drawing, portfolio preparation, to automotive design in CCS’ Continuing Education program.

As a side passion Kiley specializes in track sprint cycling. He holds multiple MI State Championship gold medals and the Kilo track record at the IVBP, Michigan’s only velodrome. He also coaches IVBP’s Sprint Saturdays. Kiley has medaled multiple times at the USA Masters Track National Championships including silvers in 2015 in the Individual Sprints and Team Sprint.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions