Julie Genser

Adjunct Faculty
MA, Columbia University Certificate in Chinese Painting History, Christie's New York BBA, University of Michigan


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Asian art history, particularly the praxis and history of Chinese painting. Although my formal art history degree is in Modern and Contemporary Art, my training and education of Chinese and Asian Art is my true love. Through my formal academic training, I work to further my research and knowledge in contemporary art theory and challenge myself and my students to interweave such training throughout my courses.

Professional Experience

I am fortunate enough to have museum and gallery experience in both Contemporary and early Asian Art in various roles, having worked in curatorial roles, education and also development departments at such institutions as the DIA, MOCAD, the Whitney Museum of American Art (New York), and PS1 Contemporary Art/MoMA (New York). I received a formal MA degree at Columbia University of New York in Curatorial and Critical Studies, and continue to interweave my training in contemporary critical theory and philosophy with my experience in the field of early Asian art. My informal, but unusually extensive training in Asian art included museum-level galleries, at the major auction houses in New York, and with personal training with the former Sotheby’s Chinese Painting expert, with whom I worked closely during my gallery appointment.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions

MA Thesis, Columbia University
De-Centered Subjectivity: Anonymity, Pseudonymity, and Collective Identity