Naomi Seedberg

Adjunct Faculty
MA, Eastern Michigan University; BS, Minot State University

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Designing curriculum and syllabi for specific student body experiences.

Professional Experience

Twenty-four years experience teaching college level Composition and Argument at the College for Creative Studies.

Designed a Special course on Tolkien, LOTR and recently designed a public speaking class for art and design.

Previous teaching experience includes accelerated Composition for Rochester College.

Public Speaking, Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Communication for OCC, Macomb and Baker College.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions

Presented a public lecture on “Communication Barriers” hosted by Unity Church in Flint, MI which focused on the importance of listening, and the affect listening has upon what we perceive. This was followed-up with a four-weekend seminar workshop.

Presented papers at Popular Culture Conferences

Michigan State University , E. Lansing, MI
Victoria University, Wellington, NZ
Otago University, Dunedin, NZ
Additional Workshops and Seminars

Leading Writing Workshops Certification conducted by Amherst Writers & Artists Institute
Midwest Writers Workshop conducted by Amherst Writers & Artists Institute
McGrane Self-Esteem Institute “Preserve Strength and Excel!”
Private Seminar: Myers-Briggs Workshop
Rockhurst College: National Businesswomen’s Association –“How to Manage Conflict and Maintain Emotional Control”
Providence Hospital: Completed Hospice Training program; worked with two patients.