Narciso Espiritu

Adjunct Faculty
BFA, Illustration. New Jersey City University.

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Comics are an exploration of space and time and emotions, but they put the reader in the driver’s seat. That’s a wonderful thing.

Narciso specializes in comics and can often be found studying storytelling techniques in the medium. He understands there are many ways to approach a story, and they’re all good and unique and valid because they exist.


Professional Experience

Narciso has made images and designs for editorial, advertising, toy/apparel production, comics, and album/poster art for a few bands. (It’s fine.) His work is described as energetic, colorful, and “menacing” (by a British publication that he can no longer remember the name of).

Together with fellow creatives, Narciso started an art/literature mag called Instigatorzine. It started as a 24-page black-and-white photocopied zine and ended as a 64-page, CMYK-printed magazine with over 100 subscribers locally and globally. It began as a vehicle to publish his own work, but he eventually became charged with art direction and marketing. He has produced and collaborated on several zines since then.

Narciso is Filipino-American— born in Jersey City, NJ, across the river from New York City. He likes pets, riding bicycles, cooking, games, D&D, and making bread. Narciso moved to Detroit in early 2020, two months before pandemic lockdown. That’s the story so far.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions

Select clients: The Atlantic; NPR; In These Times; Science Friday; BUST Magazine; Capstone Publishing; Art House Productions; Black Wail; Go! Robo, Go!

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