Patricia Candor

Adjunct Faculty
BFA, College for Creative Studies

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Professional Experience

Patricia Candor graduated from CCS and has been teaching there since 1986.

She is primarily an Illustration instructor. However, she has taught in four other departments at CCS over the years. She also taught Life Drawing at Lawrence Technological College for eight years.

Ms. Candor is a figurative artist. She has studied the figure for over 30 years and uses her knowledge to help students realize their goals in this area. Her main classes are Figure Illustration and Anatomy.

Patricia Candor states that teaching found her. She was an active Illustration free lance artist in the past and an active fine artist in the present, but her students always came first. She has enjoyed not only instructing the new hungry students, but helping her former graduates in their pursuits. Some of her most successful students now teach at CCS as well.

Patricia Candor enjoyed a one woman Retrospective at the Northville Art House in 2013. Patricia Candor, Hiding in Plain Sight, was an exploration of the internal and external self. This was accomplished by showing self portraits from 1978 until 2013.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions