Patrick Schiavone

Associate Professor
BA, College for Creative Studies

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Patrick Schiavone’s research interests include the process and execution of product design, as well as using both digital and analog design executions. Other interests include understanding the philosophies of how modern product design fits into design studios globally.

Professional Experience

Patrick Schiavone worked for Ford Motor Company for 21 years, most recently as Director of North American Truck, SUV and CUV Design, where he led the design of three generations of the Ford F-150. Later, as Vice President of Whirlpool Corporation Global Design, he led seven design studios around the globe and helped update the look and expand the usability of Whirlpool’s 14 global brands.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions

Involved in numerous publications and media events over the last 25 years

Lifetime achievement award for design from Michelin Corporation

Part of the development team that won 2004 Motor-trend Truck of The Year

Co-author of 45 design patents

Featured Designer of the 2017 St. Joseph Concours d’ Elegance