Scott Stevens

Adjunct Faculty
BFA, College for Creative Studies

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My research interests are user research, ethnographic research, product validation, & user experience.

I also am interested in new technology, different fields of art (animation, illustration, graphic design, UX & UI, installation art, and architecture), music, and nature.

Professional Experience

Business & design strategy for: Lear, Tenneco, Brother, & HATCHI.

UI & UX for: Subaru, & Nissan

Product design: Conair, GenZe, Master Lock, Therma Tru, Wenger, JR Clancy, Hyper Tough, Acuity Lighting, TRW, Lear, & Reef Technologies.

Medical Products for: Celsee – single cell isolation & analysis

Model Making: Master Lock, Genze, & Tenneco

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions


Single-Cell Sequencing Sifts through Multiple Omics

Genze E-bike:

Electric Ford GoBikes are officially here