William Turner

Adjunct Faculty
BFA College for Creative Studies


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Designing and researching the integration between the human touch and beauty within design. To be obsessed with the details, all the details, it’s the details that make the design. Discovering what those details are and how to find those details through design can be some of the most powerful things a designer can do.

Professional Experience

William attended the Design and Architecture Senior High School in Miami FL, to further his studies in product design. Upon graduating in 2014, he then traveled the College for Creative Studies to to further his education in design even more. Since then, William had graduated with high honors in 2018, was a recipient of the Imre J. Molnar Artistic Achievement Awards and the Walter B. Ford II Award of Excellence Scholarship. William accepted a full time position as an interior component production designer for Cadillac under GM in 2018, as well as accepted a position as an adjunct professor at the College for Creative Studies in 2019.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions