The violence that took place at our United States Capitol is deeply troubling and reckless. The United States has been a beacon of democracy in the world, and, while imperfect, we have always strived to improve our government and our society. A fundamental tenet of American democracy is the peaceful transition of power. This was not the case yesterday, however, as rioters attempted to prevent Congress from validating the 2020 Presidential Election. This insurrection should be unacceptable to all Americans.

I strongly condemn the lawless actions and words of the rioters and protestors yesterday. It was a sad moment for our country and our democracy.

As Americans, we need to work together to find and build common ground as we move forward into 2021. Institutions of higher education are places that foster civil public discourse and understanding. Art and design schools provide a lens of humanity and creativity to this discourse. I firmly believe that the work we do at CCS – cultivating artists and designers who contribute diverse perspectives and innovative solutions- is a fundamental part of creating a world we want to live in.

Don Tuski
College for Creative Studies