Getting a spot

How do I apply for housing?

First, read about what you need to know.

Once you're ready, you can begin the housing application online.

After I apply, what do I do?

Please make your first housing payment and housing deposit by calling the Business Services office at 313-664-7435 with your credit card payment (CCS accepts all major credit cards) or mail a check to:

Student Affairs Office
201 E. Kirby St.
Detroit, MI 48202

How difficult is it to get housing?

Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Once housing is full, students who wish to reside on campus are placed on a wait list. Students on the wait list who are from out-of-state will be given priority. It is important to complete the housing application process before it fills up.

While wait listed students will be called if space becomes available, we recommend they begin a search for off-campus housing online at detroitmidtown.com. This resource provides housing listings for Detroit's surrounding areas.

Off-Campus Housing Info

How are suite assignments made?

With our current housing system, you will be selecting your specific bed and roommates. You will know who you are living with instantaneously! If you are on the waitlist, we do the best we can with the space and information we have.

Can a student move to a different suite if there are problems between suitemates?

Despite the efforts made to match compatible residents, it is impossible to judge how students will interact once they are living together. In the event of suitemate conflicts, the Student Affairs staff is trained to mediate conflicts. If the conflicts are too great to overcome, then residents may be moved at the Residence Life Office's discretion, providing there is an open space in student housing.

Making Payments

After I pay my $300 first payment, when is the balance due?

Fall Semester: August 31
Winter Semester: January 4

Monthly payment plans can be set up through ACI. For enrollment or additional information please call 1-800-343-0911 or visit the Official Payment Plan site

How long is my lease?

Your lease is from beginning of classes in September until move-out in May. If, for some reason, you need to break your lease, you should contact Student Affairs immediately to learn of any possible financial losses before making a decision in regards to your housing situation. If you are hoping to break your lease, you will need to file an appeal to the Director of Residence Life who will submit it to the appeals committee. Only extreme circumstances will be considered.

Meal Plans

Are meal plans required?

A meal plan is required for students living in the Taubman Center. There is no requirement for the ACB, but students may sign up for a meal plan.

Can I change my meal plan?

You can change your meal plan up until the 100% refund day for both semesters. Students are UNABLE to cancel their meal plans once they have signed up for one.

Where can I find out more information about dining services?

You can go to http://myccs.collegeforcreativestudies.edu/grill/index.php for more information about the dining services at CCS.


Are cable television and Internet services provided?

Student housing is equipped for cable television and Internet. Residents must contact the appropriate vendor to purchase cable service. CCS does provide Internet service free of charge to all residents in student housing. The Internet is wireless at the Taubman Center. The Internet is run on a LAN (T1) line in the ACB. In order for a computer to be connected to the CCS server, the system must be equipped with an Ethernet card available at most computer stores. If there is more than one computer in a room the residents will need to provide a hub to split the Internet connection.

Can first-year students/residents have a car on campus?

All CCS students are permitted to have a car on campus. Free parking is provided (with a permit) in the CCS parking structure. Students who live in student housing are permitted to park in the parking structure 24 hours a day. Students who do not live in student housing can also park in the structure free of charge but only during building hours. Nonresident students who park in the parking structure overnight will be ticketed.


When is move-in?

Fall 2019

New CCS Students (includes new transfers): Sunday, August 25, 2018 from 9-4
Returning CCS Students: Friday, August 30, 2018, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Winter 2020

New CCS Students*: January 8, 2018, from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Returning CCS Students**: January 12, 2018

*first coming to CCS Winter '20
** includes freshmen who entered CCS in the fall

When do I have to move out in May?

You need to leave 24 hours after you last commitment to CCS. For most students this is your portfolio review or graduation day.

Do you have summer storage?

Yes, we have limited summer storage. Applications come out for summer storage after spring break. Cost for storage is $75 for a small unit and $100 for a large unit for the summer. Storage area is cleared out by September 6th.

Do I have to leave for winter break?

Yes, you need to leave during winter break. All students need to be out of housing by the Sunday after reviews at 5 p.m. Students may return to housing the Sunday before classes begin at 9 a.m. You may keep your belongings in your room over break however it is recommended you take your valuables home. You will not have access to your housing space over break. Students who have special circumstances and need to stay in student housing should contact the Housing Office prior to vacation. There is a daily charge for housing over winter break. That charge is doubled if students are not approved ahead of time.

All other breaks are open to students.

Additional Questions

For more information contact the Office of Student Affairs — 313.664.7879

To make payments call the CCS Business Services Office at 313.664.7435.