Student Government
The Student Government is the formal link between CCS administration and students, and provides students a forum in which to voice opinions and concerns. Meetings are held twice a month. Student Government takes on special projects as necessary.

Industrial Design Society of America (I.D.S.A.)
The CCS student chapter of this national design organization sponsors regular visits to national galleries and corporations, ensuring students are well-informed about current events and developments in the industrial design profession.

Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA)
The GSA is open to students, faculty, and staff. The main goal of this organization is to provide a forum for the CCS community to discuss Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender (GLBT) topics in a safe place. The group also organizes campus wide events to provide educational opportunities on GLBT issues.

CCS Gaming
CCS Gaming is meant for gamers seeking relaxation and comfort from a hard day’s work. The community provides a gaming console every Friday and we allow members to bring PCs and portable systems as well. We hope to make gamers attending CCS have a great experience and encourage them to become more social. 

Women in Animation
Women in Animation (WIA) is a student organization operating as a pilot program by Women in Animation International. This group is not gender exclusive, and is simply a platform to address issues of inequality in animation and related fields. WIA is currently scheduling events that aim to meet the interests of our growing membership—these include screenings, professional development workshops, and guest lectures.

CCS Smash Bros Community
The CCS Smash Bros Community provides a hub for students to meet weekly on Fridays and bring their week to a close. Centered around Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series, group members congregate to play and compete in the occasional prized tournament.

CCS Music Club
The CCS music group is a club that was created for the soul purpose of expression through means of a different medium. In the club students learn and teach each other to play an instrument of their preference that they thought they could not learn. The club breaks down into smaller groups of students who want to play in bands together and want to do more involved musical projects, or smaller groups of students and student teachers that just want to learn for recreational purpose. Students learn the basics of music, music theory, reading music sheets and tablature and even learn basic software like garageband. All in all the club was created for students to express a secondary art medium and talent that they have inside and do not show as often as they’d like.

The Peacock Drollery
The Peacock Drollery is the official College for Creative Studies humor magazine.
Every week Drollery members meet to pitch ideas, joke around, and have fun in a writer’s room environment. Issues of The Peacock Drollery come out twice a semester.

Crit Club
Fine Art Crit Club is an organized group that explores the world of art outside the classroom setting. The club’s main goal is to provide a pressure-free environment where art students can discuss current and past projects on a weekly basis for the benefit of their individual art practice. All majors and class levels welcome, just know that the critique will be handled in the context of the Fine Art World.

PKWHO: CCS Photo Club
Primary Goals: To provide an exciting support group, helpful student run critiques, and student run photography based lessons which include City Safety tips, Lighting demos and more.

Group Meetings: Meetings will be made up of great photography learning opportunities like lighting demos, Photoshop tutorials, and camera controls, as well as fun Photography walks around Detroit, Artist and Faculty talks and trips to different photography studios.

PKWHO strives to bring the entire CCS community a great opportunity to learn more about a wildly popular art form. PKWHO invites all students, alumni, and faculty to stop by during meetings to give advice and learn. We hope to continue this club throughout the years by inspiring the younger grades to join and keep up with weekly meetings.

New Life Bible Study
New Life Church Detroit is a non-denominational Christian church focused on serving the spiritual needs of Detroit college students. Our small group Bible studies are an opportunity for students from any spiritual background to explore their faith and ask questions in the company of their peers. We also offer a worship service Sundays at 11:01 a.m. meeting in the General Lectures building on Wayne State University’s campus (5045 Anthony Wayne).

CCS Parkour
The goal of the Parkour club is to present students with an opportunity to learn how to use their bodies in a safe and efficient matter. Members will study how to maneuver themselves around obstacles while being enlightened on the importance of daily physical activity.

Bad Movie Club
The Bad Movie Club is committed to bringing the students of CCS the most poorly produced and written movies for critical analysis and discussion through an objective lens.

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