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The Academic Advising & Registration Office assists with the following:

  • course selection
  • personal and educational goal planning
  • registration for courses
  • requests for transcripts
  • dual enrollment for high school students
  • guest or non-matriculating student enrollment
  • verification of enrollment and graduation/course completion
  • name and address changes

Registration is the process of enrolling in classes for a specific semester. Registration for the fall semester begins during the winter semester, usually in late March (check the online Academic Calendar for exact dates.) Winter registration generally begins the second week of November.

The procedures for registering are outlined in the online Course Schedule on Blackboard, which should be consulted before beginning the registration process. All students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor before registering. (Complete course descriptions and updated academic policies can be found in the CCS Catalog on Blackboard.)

The Academic Advising & Registration office also responds to requests for transcripts and verification of enrollment/graduation/course completion as well as keeping track of name and address changes for all enrolled students. If you want to enroll as a non-matriculating guest student contact us at 313.664.7672.

Vision Statement:

The Academic Advising and Registration Office will provide resources and guidance to empower students in achieving academic success.

Mission Statement:

The Academic Advising and Registration team guides and nurtures students toward realization of their personal, academic, and professional goals. Students and academic advisors form a connection to structure and maximize their educational experience.

Academic Advising & Registration Staff

Heather Barnhart
Academic Advisor for Advertising Design, Communication Design, Crafts & Undeclared

Karen LaDucer
Registrar / VA School Certifying Official

Annie Loechle
Academic Advisor for Entertainment Arts & Fine Art

Tanecia Nunlee
Director, Academic Advising

Ellen Shuster
Office Manager

Janine Surma
Assistant Registrar/Advising Support Specialist

Tom Turoczi
Academic Advisor for Fashion Accessories Design, Interior Design, Product Design & Transportation Design
AICAD Exchange Coordinator

Obi Unaeze
Academic Advisor for Illustration & Photography

Contact Us

Academic Advising & Registration Office
Yamasaki Building - 1st Floor
T 313.664.7672
F 313.664.7499

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Request Transcripts

Parchment is education's trusted intermediary for electronic records. College for Creative Studies (CCS) has partnered with Parchment to give you the convenience of requesting and tracking your transcripts online. Being paperless saves CCS time and money, colleges and universities are able to receive your transcripts in the format they prefer, and it's better for the environment. You will make your transcript requests online; the Registrar will send them electronically.

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Academic Calendar

Transferring to CCS

The College for Creative Studies supports ease of transfer for students who have attended a community college and earned an associate degree at that institution. The objective is to aid students toward their goal of earning a bachelors degree from CCS and to provide a smooth transition that minimizes loss of credit and duplication of coursework. Therefore, the College for Creative Studies has entered into the following agreements with other institutions to easily facilitate transfer credit.

Transfer Guides Articulation & Transfer Agreements


Family members act as the conductor of their children's educational lives. From the first day of school until graduation we coax, prod, applaud and assist them with homework, school activities, preparing for exams and generally organizing their life. It comes as no surprise that we may be left feeling deserted when a child finally leaves the nest. One of the biggest revelations for students is that they now must take ownership of their educational life, not only in adjusting their personal schedules to study accordingly, but in the way they conduct their academic business as well. A federal act called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is legislation that protects the rights of student records and assists students in taking that first step toward autonomy. Up until a child is 18 years of age, the privacy rights of a student are with the parents.

Once a student reaches 18 years of age, they are protected by FERPA and have three primary rights:

  1. They have the right to inspect and review their educational records.
  2. Students have some control over the disclosure of information from their educational record.
  3. They may seek to amend their educational records.

As much as parents would like to remain involved in students' lives, it is now the student who controls what information is disseminated and to whom. The Office of Academic Advising and Registration complies with the FERPA legislation despite protests from parents who have their children's best interests at heart. The hardest thing to hear is that even though the parent may be paying the bill, they still do not have access to a student’s educational record unless expressed written permission is provided to the institution by the student. Feel free to contact the Office of Academic Advising and Registration if you have any questions regarding the protection of student records and access to student information.

Questions or Concerns?

 and your correspondence will be directed to the appropriate office and addressed as quickly as possible.