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Addison Stasie, a Detroit based Illustrator. An emerging Creative with a passion for Editorial and Portrait work, Addison puts forth work that really captures the emotion of the subject. By working in a mix of traditional and digital mediums she can accomplish a wide variety of effects and brings a great problem solving attitude that is necessary in today’s world. Her recent focus has been experimental mark making, utilizing new color palettes and making sure she always has enough coffee to be productive. She currently is finishing up her Bachelors degree in Illustration from College for Creative studies as of spring 2020 and has two associate degrees from Oakland community college as well. She has been on mentioned on podcast such as Jason Seilers “Face The Truth” and is looking forward to being more involved in the art community going forward. Feel free to follow her work through her website www.addisonstasie.com or through her Instagram ac_sketches_.

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