Ashley Koenig



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Photography is a way to forge visual fantasies and create an escape for viewers. I tell stories through images as well as costuming, props, and styling, often of my own design and creation. Through these avenues, I make the familiar into the unfamiliar, blurring the lines of the internal and the external worlds, not unlike the feeling of resting between the surface of the water and air.

Artist Statement

“Synchronicity” challenges fashion photography norms by presenting postures in a new dynamic way. Informed by my own past as a dancer, “Synchronicity” shows a sense of strength and flexibility in the images by using dancers as models, creating very geometric and dynamic images. Through abstract posing, this idea of posturing evolved even more, where the photos are able to exist in many different orientations. “Synchronicity” takes fashion photography away from the male gaze to show strong powerful individuals.

Areas of Interest