Austin Anton

Transportation Design


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Austin Anton is a determined young man who loves a challenge, holding great passion for cars and beautiful design. Over the past two years he has interned as an industrial designer at Mercury Marine, and as a boat designer at White River Marine Group. During these internships, Austin worked on a variety of projects ranging from NiTro fishing boats, Mercury engine cowling, and multi-functional displays; all adding to his comprehensive knowledge of production processes and manufacturing capabilities. Strict engineering guidelines, packaging requirements, and budget led to the development of his strong problem-solving and collaborative skills that have been incorporated into his design process.

Austin’s first semester of his senior year was spent studying abroad at Strate School of Design in Paris, France. At Strate, he completed multiple master classes instructed by advanced designers at Peugeot and Renault. Being placed within Strate’s master’s program surrounded him with talented designers from around the world, broadening his design perspective and challenging his design skills.

Embracing the world of design, Austin keeps an open mind and is searching for the next challenge that awaits.

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