Brianna Matway

Advertising Design


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Like life, advertising is unpredictable. The best thing you can do is hold onto your pants and let research, skills and intuition guide you to a memorable solution.

I’ve been uncertain, outgoing, introverted, intuitive, successful, and failed hard…because  of this, I’m confident and ready to disrupt the world. All through these stages of my life,  I’ve changed and adapted according to what’s next.

I’ve mastered the art of working in a high-pressure environment, the fundamentals of teamwork, respect and collaboration, persuasion, time management and prioritization, all from being a bartender/therapist for six years. I am always on my feet, literally, and ready for the next thing that’s coming (an overwhelming 20-top table, all with separate checks.) Oh…and I can make an extremely mean Old Fashioned.

As a creative, it’s in my make-up to make mistakes, fail, problem-solve and find a new way to tackle an important issue. Advertising is begging for disruption. It’s time to bring intuitive design and an unapologetic (woman’s) voice into the mix…trust me, that’ll disrupt.

That’s what a successful brand should do.

I’m a renegade creative.
An art director.
An illustrator.
A ridiculous daydreamer.

I’m ready to be challenged, win or lose. While it’s easy to resist the future out of fear of rejection and vulnerability, sometimes you just have to say, “fuck it, let’s see what happens.”

Areas of Interest

Content Creation, Graphic Design, Social Media, Photography, Digital Illustration, branding


  • Gold Addy award: Modern Oats
  • Young Ones nominee (judging in progress): North Face