John O’Laughlin

Transportation Design


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Ever since a young age I have been highly interested in the design process and the act of creating something both beautiful and functional. Design has always been something that I’ve been aware of as I’ve grown up. Before long, I realized that design is everywhere, in everything we touch and in everything we interact with every day. In my time at CCS I have worked tirelessly at honing my skills – improving my sketching ability, furthering my 3D capabilities, learning how to visually communicate and discovering how successful design is realized. I am always discussing design with my friends, fellow classmates and teachers, as well as the many people I have met and learned from in the industry in order to gather perspective and widen my understanding of design and what it means to other people. I try my best to pay attention to the small details of every day life so that I may better solve a future design problem or challenge I may be given. As I learn more and more from my experiences, my hunger for improvement and problem solving only increases. I try my hardest to perform as highly as I can and I expect nothing less than exceptional results from my work because my ultimate goal is to make others’ lives easier, more exciting and more enjoyable through design.

Areas of Interest