Karlie Hoffman



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Karlie Hoffman is a Detroit-based photographer who spends her time focusing on the creation of product, lifestyle, and portrait images. With the use of lighting techniques, props styling, and vivid color palettes, she aims to develop creative imagery that engages her audience’s interests. She dedicates her time creating commercial imagery that represents her detail-oriented and technical skills.

Artist Statement

My series consists of vibrant still life compositions that represent my creative approach to interpreting idiomatic expressions. The starting point for each image is a common phrase, such as Hold Your Horses, Under the Weather, and Three Peas in a Pod. This series of work is a playful and witty transformation of this figurative language which results in an unexpected non-literal interpretation. The still lifes display detail-oriented studio sets, utilizing various lighting techniques with an intentional color palette. Each image is created based on a combination of whimsical elements and free association, allowing the viewer to comprehend each scene through their own lens.

Areas of Interest