Li Miller



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Li Miller is a Detroit-based fashion photographer graduating from CCS in May of 2020, with a background in theatre, costuming, and an arguably unhealthy amount of film and history research knowledge playing on loop in her head at any given moment. While her main focus is fashion photography and styling, her work also deals with externalizing the internal through surrealism-inspired portraiture of herself and others, delving into a visually-driven commentary on psychology and creativity, fashion and gender, and her own place in a digital and physical landscape as a female Creative working in the 2020s. Heavily inspired by cinematic, fashion, illustrative, and photographic visuals of the 1920s, ’30s, and ‘40s, Miller specializes in techniques and stylizing taken from the work of Beaton, Deren, Tanning, Kahlo and Lee Miller/Man Ray. She adapts classic lighting and set techniques to today’s photographic world through in-camera lighting, digital post-manipulation, and utilizing vintage lenses and camera work. Though she works in both digital and film, she tries to be as sustainably aesthetic when and where possible in her art practices and styling, working with historic spaces in Detroit, vintage or repurposed clothing or sets, and hopefully contributing more ideas than waste to the world.

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