Lindsey Chau

Interior Design


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Lindsey Chau’s art education began in high school with extremely supportive teachers. Picking up ceramics, photography, and interior design skills throughout her high school career, she attended the College for Creative Studies with a major in interior design to further her skills and passion in art. During her time at College for Creative Studies, her art skills advanced in drawing, weaving, hand drafting, and computer programs including: Revit, AutoCad, SketchUp, 3DSMax, and Adobe Suite. In the course of her studies, she grew a passion for experimenting and manipulating colors, materials, textiles, patterns, and forms to create a cohesive environment.

While in college, Lindsey became involved in the Vietnamese Student Association at Wayne State University, becoming Historian during her Junior year and Co-President her Senior year. It was with this organization where she honed her leadership skills while embracing her identity and culture.

Lindsey finds inspiration through people, photography, her culture, magazines, and trend websites such as LSN:Global, WGSN, Stylus and Materia. Her biggest motivators are her family and friends. She has an insatiable passion for learning and is always trying out new challenges that really test her abilities as a designer and artist.

Areas of Interest