Sarah Hua

Advertising Design


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I am a first-generation Vietnamese/Chinese American living and working in Detroit as an Art Director. My story begins 1996, born and raised from the 517 – Lansing, Michigan! Growing up, I was considered the oddball of the family. I was the child that was unbelievably curious, always asking questions and provoking thought. I wanted to do it all, no matter what it was. Fast forward to today, that curiosity still lives inside me, but more intense than ever. As I continue to tackle life’s big questions, I don’t want to be known for having just one identity. My love for art and design has transformed in art school, giving me the tools to express myself in ways unimaginable. With art, I can be and do anything.

Areas of Interest

Production, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Social Media, Photography


  • First Recipient of the Diversity in the D Scholarship Award (2019)
  • AAF Silver Addy (2019)