Shae White

Product Design


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I always knew I wanted to go into some kind of art field when it was time to think about college. That’s when I figured out about College for Creative Studies and what Product Design was. I had attended the school’s pre-college program and that’s where I really got my first taste in Product Design. Since that experience, I have worked harder than ever to reach my goals of becoming a designer. I take my love for painting and creative thinking to help me gain inspiration for my projects at school. I see design as creating products to better the lives of everyday people. Wants and needs become different as time progresses and it’s our responsibility as designers to see it and create products that flow with the changing world. During my time at CCS, I have gained two internships that have helped me obtain real world experiences. It has given me a step into the right direction of figuring out what kind of designer I want to be.

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