Woonghee Chung

MFA Transportation Design

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Woonghee Chung grew up in South Korea where he developed an early interest in languages and arts. As a result, he went to Mountain secondary school in Vancouver, Canada, eventually moving to Beijing, China to pursue his BFA in transportation design at Central Academy of Fine Arts. Woonghee Chung loves art and is especially interested in activities that require creativity. Sketchbooks and LEGO are his favorite thing even now. After finishing his BFA in China, he joined the military service in South Korea and served for two years. During that time, he learned the importance of responsibilities and was able to determine what he really wanted to do. Woonghee decided to pursue his MFA in College for Creative Studies. Before the start of his graduate education, he went on a backpacking adventure to find inspiration. His hobby is traveling, however, backpacking trips on a budget are challenging. He bought a one-way ticket to India to bring himself to an unfamiliar area for a great adventure. Throughout the trip, he experienced various frustrating incidents that made him frustrated and want to go home. But he never gave up and continued the trip, feeling that if he gave up he would never be successful for his next challenge, which was studying for his MFA in the United State. Spending time at the College for Creative Studies helped him to be a creative transportation designer through learning various 2D and 3D softwares, as well as academic courses like marketing and global thinking classes. Woonghee Chung learned not only design skills, but also how to work with other people as a team.

Areas of Interest