Yixuan Song

Transportation Design


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I‘m Yixuan Daniel Song, a graduate of Transportation Design at CCS.

With the excellent education I received at the school, I was fortunate to achieve several internships in different OEM companies, where I experienced a variety of brand cultures and design styles.

The experience at school and work prepared me sufficiently in essential design steps, starting with a 2D sketch, to a 3D model, then proportion to stance, along with advanced steps such as whole project cost control from concept to production cars. With the necessary skills and passion, I’m looking forward to joining a company as an automobile designer.

Experience:Nissan Design America-intern (2019) | GM China-intern (2018) | Peugeot de Vélizy-intern (2018) | Lear Corporation-intern (2017) | KIA-intern (2015)

Areas of Interest