Match a Gift

Several companies have a matching gift policy that enables them to match a gift you give to the College for Creative Studies. Many of these companies will match your gift dollar to dollar, and some will even double your gift.

See if you can double your gift

  1. Verify if your employer is part of the Employer Matching Gift Program – visit
  2. Check with your personnel or human resources department.

Matching gifts companies have forms that you must complete after you make your gift to CCS. Once you have determined that your company does provide matching gifts, please contact your personnel or human resources department to get the form. If you are donating by check, please attach a copy of the form to the check you send in. If you are donating online, complete and sign the form and mail it to the College for Creative Studies' Institutional Advancement Office.

Once this form is received, our development office will document the form and mail it back to your company for their records. THANK YOU! Because you took the small amount of time to fill out the matching gift form, your gift will be doubled.

More Information

For additional information or questions regarding matching gift companies, please contact:
Institutional Advancement

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