Professional Automotive Modeling Certificate Programs

Whether you are looking to develop a new career, make a career change or enhance your existing art or design skills, CCS certificate programs in Professional Automotive Modeling can help.

The certification programs in Professional Automotive Modeling prepare you for employment as a 3D modeler in transportation and product design industries. Learn the essential techniques of hand modeling for pre-visualizing of final products in clay, creating 3D digital design concept models or striking presentations of production designs, each of these skills sets is highly desired by OEMs.

Successful participants of the program have a high school diploma, some knowledge of any of the following: sculpture, ceramics, modeling making, auto body, a strong sense of 3D form, digital 3D modeling (Alias, Maya, CATIA, CAD, UG), drawing, drafting, product design, mechanical drawing, model-building, model-making, woodworking, and are willing to combine artistic finesse with technical accuracy. Proof of high school graduation of GED, work samples, and a letter of recommendation are required.

Courses are to be completed in consecutive semesters. The certificate earned represents the successful completion of all course requirements, however it is not the equivalent of a four-year undergraduate degree. Courses are offered for credit or non-credit; non-credit courses are not transferable to an undergraduate program of study.

Curricula for both programs is overseen by CCS’s Transportation Design Department Chair, Paul Snyder. The program is managed by the Precollege and Continuing Studies Department Director, Jane Stewart.

Two Available Tracks

Participants in each track of study will attend their own courses within the stated term dates. Participants will register for each course separately during the stated registration dates. CCS recommends enrolling in and completing one track of study before enrolling in the second.

For all Professional Automotive Modeling certificate tracks, students are expected to work an additional 3 or more hours per week in the studio/software outside of the class time to be successful in this program.

Clay Modeling

Clay modeling is an essential skill that allows OEMs to previsualize automotive designs in 3D before going into production. In the first semester, students will learn clay modeling skills creating a speed form. Students will continue polishing their skills creating a 1/4th scale clay model of a production vehicle orthographic drawings. During the second semester, students will focus on the artistry of clay sculpting, interpreting automotive design sketches from the CCS Transportation Design department. Two courses are required: ADTR 256 – Clay Modeling I (only available in the Fall semester) and ADTR 257 – Clay Modeling 2 (only available Winter Semester).

Clay Modeling Tuition & Fees

Non-Credit Tuition: $2,250 per course*
Material Fees: $950 per course**
Estimated Total Cost: $6,400 for two semesters

Alias® – Digital 3D Modeling

OEMs need digital sculptors who can prepare math data files for manufacture. This requires the ability to work with fine detail, problem solve structural and design issues and work at a high level of skills in Alias. Though involved in the creative process, sculptors are the last link between design and manufacturing and need to communicate well with both designers and engineers. The courses required: ADTR 362 – Alias I; ADTR 366 – Alias II; ADTR 367 – Alias III. Alias

Alias Digital Modeling Tuition & Fees
Three courses are required.
Non-Credit tuition: $2,250 per course*
Fees: $50 per course**
Estimated Total Cost: $6,900 for three semesters

Application Checklist

Complete application form
College transcript or High School diploma
Portfolio (upload images to google form)
For further information, contact the Precollege and Continuing Studies Department at 313.664.7456.
The application deadline is March 31, 2023.

Financial Aid

Non-credit Certification programs are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid. Therefore, completing a FASFA is not recommended. If you need financial assistance, you should research: private loans through banks, MiWorks!, TAA retraining program, and employer education/training vouchers.
There are currently no scholarship opportunities for this program through CCS.

International Student Visas for Certificate Students

CCS authorizes I-20 visa applications only for degree programs. CCS is unable to assist students who need visas for any certificate programs. Students currently holding a work/study visa with authorization for short-term study should contact the Precollege and Continuing Studies Office at 313.664.7456 to determine eligibility to attend.

Tuition and Fee Payments

*Students taking Professional Automotive Modeling courses for college credit will follow CCS tuition and fee guides.
All participants will register for each course separately within designated registration dates.
Full payment is due at the time of non-credit registrations. Payment Plans are available through ACI.
CCS accepts all major credit cards, check, money orders. If you are eligible for employee tuition assistance programs, you may submit an authorized voucher from your employer at the time of registration.
** The college reserves the right to withdraw or change the program format, instructors and schedules; to revise tuition and fee structures; and to amend college policies for the efficient operation of the college. Tuition and fee rates are subject to change at any time.