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Advertising is more than just the Fortune 500 company’s new campaign. It’s about innovative approaches to persuasion that stir emotion and influence cultural change. 

Christiana Azmy, Juicy Fruit Ad campaign

Vans ad campaign

Dana Glomski and Hannah Stephens
“Customize Your Soul” Vans Campaign; Student ADDY Winner, District 06 AAA Student ADDY Winner, D Show Silver D Award Winner

Advertising students devise strategies to capture popular imagination through the integration of digital and social media, content creation and user experience, and print and television.

Whether students are interested in pursuing art direction or copywriting, they learn from industry leaders and begin building professional portfolios from day one. They create immersive user experiences, working in teams, using research, consumer insights and a range of technology. Although much of advertising revolves around reaching a target market and being able to sell a product through a variety of tactics, it also requires extremely high-level design ability. At CCS you will learn design from some of the greatest art directors in the world.

CCS is located in one of the top advertising markets in the country – Detroit, giving the College the opportunity to employ faculty directly from local agencies. These working professionals are art directors, creative directors, copywriters, producers, directors, agency principals and more. Their industry knowledge and experience offer direct connections to internships and future career opportunities.


Account Executive
App Designer
Art Director
Brand Manager
Brand Strategist
Creative Director
Design Director
Digital Ad Strategist

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Digital Designer
Graphic Designer
Interaction Designer
Motion Graphics Designer
Social Content Manager
Social Copywriter
Social Media Graphic Designer
Social Media Manager
TV and Radio Producer
Visual Designer
Web/Mobile Media Designer

Students in Advertising Design have access to everything from camera and sound equipment to studio spaces to lay out their ideas and brainstorm. 


Kristen Beasley

Creative Director


Bruna Camargo

Senior Content Creative & Social Strategist


Michael Franklin

Creative Director
Ogilvy & Mather


Keriann Griffin

Manager, Product - Advertising
Ford Direct


Lauren Larsen

Senior Copywriter
FCB Chicago


Marisa Lehnert

Creative Director


Brandon Locke

Sr. Creative Director


Joni Osuga

Sr. Experience Designer