CCS Art Practice students build conceptual and critical skills that focus on materials, form, content, history, theory and process.

a pink and magenta colored woman sitting in the dark, Acrylic on canvas

Cassidy Barnett

Oil on canvas painting of a woman sitting in a parlor

Natalie Merkle

Art Practice takes a broad perspective on the work and identity of artists, from the studio artists’ ability to produce meaningful works of art, to the role of artists as cultural producers, arts advocates, community builders, and innovators in a range of creative fields. With the freedom to create a customized path suited to particular strengths and interests, supported by individual mentoring with outstanding faculty, students are equipped to make choices that will prepare them to be versatile and nimble in an ever-changing world. Art Practice students work within and between the areas of Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Print media, Video/Digital media, Installation, and Performance.

Students have access to some of the finest resources in the country, including the latest technologies in 3-D modeling and printing, an expansive printmaking area, state-of-the-art wood and metal shops, a digital print studio, and a fully functioning foundry. Our newly renovated Sculpture area provides increased workspace and new equipment that will enhance students’ ability to make significant 3-D work.

Time-based Media

Art Practice seniors and juniors have semi-private studios with 24 hr access- which allows for the development of a signature body of work as professional artists. Students begin to exhibit their work locally in the vibrant art scene in Detroit and are exposed to a global network of artists and creative professionals, who provide significant models of successful careers as artists, creative entrepreneurs, educators and more.


Art Administrator
Art Appraiser
Art Buyer
Art Critic
Art Conservationist
Art Consultant
Art Educator
Art Fabricator
Art Handler/Installer
Artist in Residence
Art Therapist

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Color and Materials Designer
Community Artist
Exhibition Designer
Exhibit Manager
Freelance Entrepreneur
Film Industry Fabricator
Gallery Owner or Director
Independent Artist
Independent Business Entrepreneur
Model Designer/Maker
Museum Educator
Performance Artist
Prop Designer
Public Artist
Set Designer
Sound Artist
Studio Artist


Michaela Allen

Color & Materials Designer


Taurus Burns

Ford Motor Company


Kevin Beasley

Whitney Biennial Featured Artist, Co-Founder


Bradley Lawrence