“Still Moscow” Metalsmithing; Patina Yellow rectangle Bryan Rees Sunglasses with circle lenses and triangular multicolored decorative attachments on top. Yellow rectangle Credit here Orange and silver sculpture of a Crafts and Materials student, Heather Pugh Yellow rectangle Credit here Yellow rectangle Credit here

Metalsmithing & Jewelry

Metalsmithing & Jewelry embraces a wide range of approaches in developing work that includes jewelry, sculpture, design architectural work, home furnishings, and vessels.

Metalsmithing and Jewelry instructs students in design, bench and studio practice, digital technologies, and business and project management. Students learn to work with metal through research and project-based experimentation that challenges them to expand their material vocabulary and explore innovative ideas. Our expansive studios facilitate a range of processes including forged iron, nonferrous metalsmithing, casting, fabrication, enamels and working with alternative materials. And CCS is one of only a handful of institutions in the United States that offers significant coursework in blacksmithing and decorative iron.

A degree in art and design can lead to multiple creative careers. Courses relevant to jewelry design, forged iron, nonferrous metalsmithing, as well as alternative materials, casting, fabrication, and enamels challenge students to expand their creative potential and reach new conceptual horizons that explore innovative ideas.


Art Educator
Fashion Accessories Designer
Gallery Owner
Independent Artist
Jewelry Designer


Laise Pansy Poon

Studio Assistant
Carol Bove


Harry Burdett

Ornamental Blacksmith
Burdett Metalsmithing and Design


Adam Shirley

Adam Shirley Design


Cary Stefani

Sole Proprietor
Stefani and Co.


Ann Mondro

Associate Professor
University of Michigan


Ella Calas

Sole Proprietor
Ella Calas Jewelry


Heather Pugh

Sole Proprietor
Heather Pugh Jewelry