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Our program in Fashion Accessories Design educates students in the design and manufacture of shoes, handbags, soft leather goods and accessories hardware. This $51 billion global industry is the focus of only a handful of college programs and remains underserved from a design perspective.

Shinola Logo 2Developed in collaboration with Detroit-based company Shinola, which produces watches and small leather goods, the program prepares graduates to achieve design excellence from handwork to large-scale manufacturing, and to enter the industry with the know-how to forecast trends, manage supply chains, and develop and market a brand.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • The CCS Fashion Accessories Design program is the first and only of its kind in the Midwest.

  •  The curriculum will prepare graduates to excel in all aspects of fashion accessories design from initial concept and design to final product manufacturing and distribution. In addition to a strong focus on creativity and design excellence, the program will cover topics such as trend forecasting and market research, fabrication techniques from handwork to large-scale manufacturing, supply chain management, branding, marketing, and merchandising.
  • The CCS Fashion Accessories Design program is supported by an Advisory Council that represents a broad cross-section of the fashion accessories industry and leading brands, whose members include Francesca Amfitheatrof, Tiffany & Co.; Linda Dresner, LINDA DRESNER; Catherine Forbes, The Forbes Company / Somerset Collection; Jen Guarino, Shinola; Tom Kartsotis, Shinola; Lauren Bush Lauren, Feed Projects and Lauren Pierce Atelier; Ashley Olsen, Dualstar Entertainment Group; Heather Joyce-Velez, and John Varvatos.

Representative Career Choices

Handbag Designer
Footwear Designer
Leather Goods Designer
Soft Goods Designer
Lead Patternmaker
Trend Forecaster
Trend Analyst
Product Researcher
Product Merchandiser
Color and Materials Specialist

Areas of Study

Leather goods
Accessories hardware (i.e., buckles, hooks, appliques, etc.)

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