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Our department covers a wide range of artistic mediums, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, installation and time-based media.

Here you’ll discover traditional artistic methods as well as contemporary approaches to creative work, all of it driven by a strong conceptual foundation.

The department exposes students to independent artists in the field, galleries, museum settings and a host of other opportunities to explore the artist’s life while engaging in a course of study.

What Sets Us Apart?

Relevant 21st Century Curriculum
As the current arts climate changes, our department adapts and encourages new methods of expression. We offer a range of classes that give instruction in basic structural technique; experimental formats; various specific media; and technological innovations, interactions and structures as they relate to each respective medium. Opportunities to investigate time-based media, multimedia and other forms of creative expression are also available.

Intense Senior Studio Experience
Senior students have semi-private studios with 24-hour access. This allows for the development of a signature body of work as professional artists. Additionally, during their senior year, students are encouraged and assisted in exhibiting locally and nationally and are also directed in preparation for graduate studies.

Full-Featured Foundry
CCS has a fully functioning foundry that has regular pours in bronze, aluminum and iron. Students learn correct foundry procedures and casting in a hands-on environment.

New York Studio Program
The department offers an opportunity for students to work, study and network in the dynamic New York arts world.

Representative Career Choices

Art Administrator
Art Appraiser
Art Critic
Art Handler/Installer
Artists’ Agent
Color and Materials Designer
Film Industry Fabricator
Gallery Owner or Director
Independent Artist
Medical Illustrator
Museum Preservationist
Set/Prop Designer

Areas of Study

Time-based media

Contact Us

Fine Arts Department
T. 313.664.7655
F. 313.664.7685

Department Chair
Tim van Laar 
T. 313.664.7486

Fine Arts Department Videos

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