Students returning to CCS after an absence of more than two consecutive academic years or students who seek readmission after suspension, must complete the Application for Readmission.


Readmission Application Deadlines:

Fall Term Start July 1

Winter Term Start October 1

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: The Office of International Student Services cannot process immigration paperwork until the readmission has been fully approved. This application should be submitted one month earlier than the deadlines above to allow for additional processing.


  1. Review the Readmission Policy. Link to PDF doc
  2. Complete and Submit the Application for Readmission
  3. If applicable, resolve any outstanding balances or holds on your student account.^
  4. Students who were suspended must address the problems that led to the academic or conduct suspension and put forth the case for their success upon returning to CCS. This information should be provided in the “Student Explanation” section of the Application for Readmission.
  5. If you attended another institution during your absence from CCS, request an official copy of your transcript from that institution.*
  6. If applicable, include a digital portfolio of any current course or professional work completed during your absence from CCS.*
  7. Submit all additional required documentation to:

College for Creative Studies
Attn: Karen LaDucer/AARO
201 E. Kirby
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 664-7435

  1. Submit any outstanding payments^ and the $50 Readmission Fee to:

College for Creative Studies
Attn: Business Services - Cashier
201 E. Kirby
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 664-7435

The Academic Advising and Registration Office will notify you by mail of the decision on your request to be readmitted to CCS.