Undergraduate Admissions

Michigan Transfer Agreement

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) was designed to simplify the transfer of general education requirements from one institution to another. The College for Creative Studies is a participating member in the MTA which requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework (approximately 1 year of full time attendance) completed in select disciplines.

Because of the specialized nature of CCS’s liberal arts curriculum and the additional requirements in Art History and Visual Culture Studies required of our graduates, students are highly encouraged to follow the MTA guides provided by CCS when opting for this path to Transfer. If a guide for the specific institution you are seeking is not posted, please email to request one. Students satisfying the MTA utilizing CCS's MTA guides will earn credit for the following general education requirements upon admission:

  • One course in Freshman Composition
  • One course in Ways of Knowing (a required interdisciplinary course)
  • One course in Quantitative Reasoning/Natural Science
  • Seven courses in one or more of the following disciplines;(dependent upon the students' selections)
    • Art History
    • Visual Culture Studies
    • World Literature
    • Liberal Arts Elective(s)
    • Open Elective 

Students who do not complete the entire block of courses required for the MTA will receive transfer credit for the courses they complete provided they meet CCS’s transfer credit policies.


If you are interested in transferring to the College for Creative Studies and aren't ready to speak with our admissions team just yet, Transferology may provide you with answers about which of your completed college courses will transfer.

To get started, go to Transferology and follow the simple steps to set up an account. Then, enter info about your completed college coursework, and instantly see course equivalents at CCS.

Transferology is a world-wide network that can provide you with answers on:

  • Which credits transfer
  • Transfer guides and pathways available for students
  • Topics and questions most important in your college search