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CCS Crafts Alumna Helps Sculpt the New Ford Bronco

July 31, 2020

Business Insider:

Meet the woman who helped design the new Ford Bronco and see why she considers the legendary SUV a multigenerational passion

Molly Gillies has been a fan of the Ford Bronco since she was 16.

Now 25, Gillies is a clay modeler at Ford. It’s one of those jobs that everyone in the automotive world knows about, but few outside have ever heard of. And for Gillies, it’s a multigenerational experience: her grandfather, Frank DeBono, was a clay sculptor at Ford for 40 years — and had worked on the original Bronco from the mid-1960s. (DeBono died just as the new Bronco was launched last week.)

Gillies created clay models of the new Bronco using handmade tools passed down to her by her grandfather.

“The concept of the tools is the same,” she said in an interview with Business Insider, right before the new Bronco’s debut. “They’re tried and true, and they’ve kept their quality.”

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