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International Education Week is November 15-19, 2021

November 11, 2021
photograph of a diverse group of students holding a city of Detroit flag.

International Education Week 

Happy International Education Week! Please join us in celebrating the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.

Featured Events

International CCS Student Changemakers

Black and white headshot of student Shiqi Huang

Shiqi Huang
“Although I’m still holding a foreign passport, the word ‘immigrant’ already became my identity.”

Black and white headshot of student Jade Kuzak

Jade Kuzak
“The more cultures I gain exposure to, the more my empathy for people grows. In the realm of communication design, this growth has helped me reach out to different audiences in nuanced ways.”

Black and white photograph of student Om Patil
Om Patil
“The methods that I have learned here and the research that I have applied in my projects have shown amazing outcomes.”
Black and white photograph of student Mariana Sanchez
Mariana Sanchez
“Living, breathing, eating and studying in a city like London has contributed to the continuous building of my multicultural approach to the concepts and ideas I use to design.”
Black and white photograph of student Luka Sulzer
Luka Sulzer
“Studying film here, in this environment, CCS, my classmates, my mentor, Detroit and its citizens, released something in me I did not expect.”
Black and white headshot photograph of student Jigyasa Tuli
Jigyasa Tuli
“I am an Indian, I am an American, I am a fusion of cultures.”

International CCS Alumni Changemakers

An image of futurisctic concept cars being displayed in an artistic showroom.

Jose Casas ‘11 BFA Transportation Design
Senior Designer at BMW Group (Munich)

a photograph of watches and jewelry on display
Alejandra Castelao ‘12 MFA Systems Design Thinking
Senior Industrial Designer at Ford (San Francisco, CA)
An illustration of a girl eating ramen noodles

Uijung Kim ‘13 BFA Illustration
Freelance Illustrator (Brooklyn, NY)

A photograph of a futuristic car showing the interior, dashboard, and steering wheel

Sophia Park ‘16 MFA Color & Materials Design
CMF Designer at Rivian (Plymouth, MI)