Student Affairs

Ad Club
Ad Club is a student-led group focused on fostering peer mentorship within the Advertising Department, networking with industry professionals, and staying current on industry happenings.

CCS AIAG is a design centered club for students to collaborate and connect with other communication designers both at CCS and out in the professional design world within the Detroit Chapter

Anime Club
Anime Clib is about discussing, showing, and promoting anime in a local community setting and can also focus on broadening Japanese cultural understanding.

Auto Club
CCS Auto Club is an organization for all majors who share a passion or interest for motor vehicles

Bad Movie Club
Bad Movie Club is an organization that meets once a week to view and appreciate old or…. Not critically acclaimed films or movies. Negative or 1 star or less ratings are encouraged. No movies you just "don't like" we want Sharkado level!

Collab Club (Crafts Club)
Collab Club is a multidisciplinary group that focuses on the sharing and discovery of new materials and techniques amongst peers.

Concept Art Club
Concept Art Club is a weekly meeting for structured lessons based on professionals in the entertainment industry. Meetings will show tutorials, break them down, and tackle an assignment as a project.

Creative Corner
Creative Corner is a collaborative community for students to enjoy and practice performing arts! Come learn, practice, and have a blast!

CRIT Club: Contemporary Development
This club will provide a space for students to not only critque their works outside of class, but to also provide an option space for the discussion of ideas and concepts. All students from all departments are welcome to ensure the most efficient and successful development of ideas.

Cru's purpose is helping to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others and helping the body of Christ to do evangelism and discipleship through a variety of creative ways. We are committed to centrality of the cross, the truth of the Word, the power of the Holy Spirit and the global scope of the Great Commission. Cru offers spiritual guidance, resources and programs tailored for people from all cultures in every walk of life through many diverse outreaches.

Experimental Horror Club
Hello Brave Student! Are you a fan of experimental film? Do you like to talk film theory? Well, join me once a week to view various film that put a twist on the horror/suspense genre of film, and stay after to discuss what you think you saw….

Friday Night Magic
Come play Magic: The Gathering with your fellow students! Whether you're a pro or just starting out, Friday Night Magic is the perfect space to play Magic at CCS. Decks are provided and others are encouraged to bring decks for those who don't have any to play!

Game Over!
Emily Orlando
Game Over! is a bi-weekly meeting that provides a fun space where students can relax and enjoy games (and snacks!) with friends. New games each week!

Industrial Designer's Society of America
IDSA is a not for profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the profession of industrial design. Our student lead organization is focused on providing students with access to the professional chapter of IDSA. We help students to build a strong foundation of skills to be successful within the profession of industrial design.

Jedi Club
Come wield a lightsaber! Learn Stage combat from the professionals of Ring of Steel. Choreograph a fight step by step! We can also learn parkour, saberstaff, and duel wielding. Lightsabers provided.

LGBTea+ Cookies
LGBTea+Cookies was created was created for CCS LGBT+ students and allies to provide a welcoming space where we focus on support, education, advocacy, empowerment, and engagement in the LGBT+ community in Detroit. All students are welcome!

New Life Church
New Life Church Detroit exists to help students at CCS and Wayne State explore a relationship with God in a community of peers. We host small group bible studies on and around campus, engage in community service, and hold a worship service every Sunday morning (11:01AM at WSU General Lectures Building).

Print Club
The Print Club will promote, practice, and experiment in printmaking media through collaborations of club participants and artists outside of the CCS community.

Queers and Allies
Jarren Tigani
The CCS Q&A club is dedicated to providing a safe space for queer and questioning CCS students and their allies. This group acts as a forum for members to discuss issues, express themselves, and educate each other.

Smash Club
Paul Hamilton
CCS Smash is a group where students destress by playing the video game Super Smash Bros casually and competitively.

Soccer Club
CCS Soccer Club is a fun, after class student organization where students can come together and play soccer. If you love soccer, staying active, or just want to take a break from your studies join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30PM in the TC gym.

St. Phillip Society
St. Philip Society is a group to promote and uphold the Catholic Faith at CCS and in the greater Detroit community; and to enlighten fellow students in the truth of God as presented through the ideals of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Women In Animation
Women in Animation is the only organization dedicated to advancing women in the field of animation. We envision a world where women share equality in the creation, production, and rewards of animation. We provide resources and connections to make it happen.

Women In Design
CCS Women in Design is an intersectional student organization focused on empowering students on campus and combating sexism in the design industry.