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The CCS Wellness Center is dedicated to promoting the well-being of the whole student and the whole campus through the use of innovative, creative, accessible and effective services and initiatives. The Wellness Center offers personal counseling, group support, health services, workshops and various student-oriented activities aimed at building and fostering community, inclusion and the overall well-being of students.

Personal Counseling Services

Personal Counseling assists students in meeting their emotional, psychological, and mental health needs for a variety of presenting issues. Our services contribute to a campus environment that facilitates the healthy growth and development of students. Any student wishing to utilize individual counseling must complete an intake appointment first. Appointments are held through Doxy, a telemedicine platform, for the Fall 2020 semester. Services are at no additional cost and are of a confidential nature. Referrals can be provided for students seeking more specialized psychological or psychiatric care.

Health Services

Health Services offered through the CCS Wellness Center are staffed by Board Certified Nurse Practitioners, contracted through The Campus Health Center (CHC) at Wayne State University. Health Services can provide basic medical care for minor illness and injuries as well as referrals for more specialized care when needed. The Nurse Practitioner is available Monday from 9 am - 1 pm, and Tuesday from 12 pm - 4 pm for the Fall 2020 Semester. Same-day appointments are available. Students also have access to a 24/7 nurse answering line for any medical questions by calling the CHC. They may also call to schedule free telemedicine appointments with a provider, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

For more specialized care, students can access the Taylor Street Primary Care Clinic for in-person appointments using their health insurance or self-pay.

In order to reduce the risk of transmission of disease to other students, students should not, as a first step, come into the Wellness Center or outside clinics in-person without an appointment.

Wellness Activities

Wellness Activities are offered throughout the year to students and include yoga, various topic-specific workshops and student-oriented activities and programming.

All services provided by the Wellness Center are free and available to currently enrolled, full or part-time students during the academic year.

Health Resources

A health insurance policy is offered to all students by Wellfleet. All international students are automatically enrolled in this insurance program and their student accounts are billed. Domestic Students in need of health coverage can enroll online. The plan is valid for 12 months and begins each year on August 15th. Per-semester enrollment is available for special circumstances. The plan is Affordable Care Act compliant and uses Cigna PPO network.

Referrals to other health resource needs can be arranged by contacting the office. We can help with alternative insurance plans, emergency food assistance, reproductive health, and other health education topics.

Excuse Note Policy

The Wellness Center does not provide excuse notes for any missed classes. Students are advised to communicate with their instructors if they need to miss class for any reason. It is the instructor’s discretion to excuse an absence, provide makeup work opportunities, and/or require external documentation. We ask that instructors consider this limitation when asking students to document absences. Not all students have the ability to see a doctor off campus for a variety of reasons. Students with contagious symptoms should not go to in-person classes; isolation is recommended until 72 hours have passed without symptoms. Please contact the Wellness Center if you have questions.


Wellness Center
Yamasaki – 2nd floor
M-F 8:30am-4:30pm

Emily VanWormer, MS, CHES
Health Resource Manager

Val Weiss, LMSW
Director of Wellness + Counseling Services

Melanie Martin, LMSW
Personal Counselor

Alissa Lusky, MA., LLP 
Personal Counselor