Chien-Hsing Chu

MFA Transportation Design

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Chien-Hsing Chu has been passionate about design from the age of fifteen. Since then, he has been developing creative ideas from concepts to production over a decade.

After finishing BFA in Product Design from Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, Chien-Hsing decided to enter the job market to accumulate practical experiences. He worked as a professional designer with INDT design. He successfully translated the product design of a jump rope as well as a utility knife into commercial value and mass production during his career. After designing a variety of products, his participation in a vehicle design project (motorcycle and ATV) inspired him to become a professional transportation designer.

Chien-Hsing engaged in advanced studies again, an MFA in Transportation Design at College for Creative Studies. Intensive training courses strengthen his capabilities of critical thinking, innovation, visual communication, and efficient digital modeling. The design project sponsored by INFINITI is one of the greatest achievements for him. He interacted with the car industry directly and accomplished the holistic vehicle design, including exterior as well as interior. Furthermore, this project trained him to transform abstract aesthetics into visualization.

Chien-Hsing’s ambition and competitiveness motivate him to be an active self-learner. He continually explores various tools and methods to find the most effective way that can present his design. He would like to join a company where he will genuinely support and contribute in every way possible to progress and develop his career further.

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