You can either become a CCS graduate or work for one.

Close up of a digital rendering. Pictures a grey and yellow concept car.
red and black car rendering

Yen Tsai, Alfa Romeo concept rendering

The CCS Transportation Design program has spent 55 years becoming the best. This century’s wave of ingenuity, including autonomous vehicles and mobility-forward design, is powered by the designers that teach and learn here. Additionally, the global design chiefs Moray Callum of Ford Motor Company, Ralph Gilles of Chrysler and Mike Simcoe of General Motors — who all keep a close eye on the program’s quality — sit on the CCS Board of Trustees.

Transportation Design will be a STEM-designated program for students starting in the fall of 2021. New international students completing this program will qualify to apply for the STEM optional practical training (OPT) extension for F-1 students.

Students secure competitive internships at top firms around the world, work with industry insiders on sponsored design projects, and go on to swell the ranks of every major car design studio and nearly all the Tier 1 auto suppliers. Our graduates account for 60% of the design team at Fiat Chrysler, led by Global Head of Design and alumnus Ralph Gilles. GM Design employs more than 175 of our alumni, and our graduates are key designers at power sports company studios.


Airplane Designer
Alias Modeler
Automotive Color & Trim
Automotive Exterior Designer
Automotive Interior Designer
Autonomous Vehicle Designer
Bicycle Designer
Clay Modeler/Sculptor

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Concept Hardware Artist
Creative Designer
Design Engineer
Digital Modeler/Sculptor
Industrial Designer
Market Researcher
Mass Transit Designer
Mobility Systems Designer
Motorcycle Designer
Recreational Vehicle Designer
Surface Designer
Transportation Systems
UX Designer
Vehicle Exterior Designer
Vehicle Interior Designer
Virtual Reality Designer
Watercraft Designer

Featured Alumni


Andrew Bazinski

Exterior Designer
Ford Motor Company


Brian Malczewski

Lead Exterior Designer
General Motors


Matt Kulczycki

Lead Digital Sculptor
Volvo Trucks


Lou Gasevski

Senior Design Manager


Taylor Langhals

Senior Exterior Designer


Kevin Moore

Industrial Designer
Mercury Marine


Carrie Fodor

Design Manager
Sea Ray Boats


Adrian Goring

Senior Industrial Designer
Bombardier Aerospace