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2018-2019 Undergraduate Course Catalog

All undergraduate students take liberal arts and foundation courses. Concentrations and academic minors are also available.

The College for Creative Studies is among the nation's leading colleges of art and design. Students can pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the following majors: advertising design, crafts, entertainment arts, fashion accessories design, fine arts, graphic design, illustration, interior design, photographyproduct design and transportation design.

At the College for Creative Studies, first-year students can enter their chosen department and concentrate their studies in one area. While students are immersed in their chosen area of study immediately upon entering CCS, they are also encouraged to take classes outside of their major to broaden their skills.

Students will take courses in our foundation program expand on their current skills and ensure a solid grasp of new skills that will help fortify their creative vision and success at CCS. All students are required to complete 42-43 credits in liberal arts and 84 credits in studio. Students choose a major and can choose to add an studio minor or a liberal arts concentration.

Each department emphasizes four distinct components of a visual arts education: technical skill, aesthetic sensibility, conceptual ability, and practical experience, combining studio and academic classes with more individualized instruction.